Fake Converse

Fake Converse products are widespread and the most notorious.

Fake Converse Fake Converse Fake Converse

Finding Fake Converse


A brand has truly arrived when whole industries spring up trying to cash in on their success with knock offs. Fake Converse are probably one of the most notorious. These are everywhere, not just outside the US, and are for sale all over the United States too. For most people this is a serious issue because they are loyal to the brand and want the real thing, and don't want to end up paying the same prices for counterfeit Converse.
Sometimes the fake ones are a lot cheaper, so some buyers may decide that as long as they look like All Stars, the cheaper price makes up for not having a genuine item. However, if you decide to settle for  Converse clones in order to save money, be prepared to see them deteriorate fast, because one of the reasons Converse All Stars have been at the top for over 90 years is their high quality and durability. Cheap sweatshop shoes will never match Converse standards of construction and materials.
If the fake sneakers are really close, it can be hard to tell from a first impression. You can go to the official Converse site and carefully examine their shoes in closeup to get a good look at their unique characteristics. To help you tell the difference between the real deal and a clone, there are specific signs to look for when examining the sneakers.
How To Spot Authentic Converse
The Chuck Taylor Patch – The real patch has a navy blue star, except in special editions where the color matches the uppers. Fake ones may be other shades of blue. The edge is clean and sharp and will be printed, embroidered, or stamped with only the star, Chuck Taylor's signature around it, and the words Converse and All Star, top and bottom. The blue dotted border around the edge is sharply defined. Fake ones look blurry or have other words. It will be cleanly and securely anchored.

The Registered Trademark - If the shoes were made before 2008, you will see the ® symbol under the star on the patch, under the words All Star everywhere it appears, and on the box. They stopped  after 2008 because of going international. If you see this symbol on shoes made after 2008, be cautious.

The Tongue – The All Star logo will be printed or embroidered very clearly on the top of the tongue, often a sort of heavy, chain type pattern. If it looks flaky, be suspicious.

The Sole – Turn the shoe over and on the authentic sole, close to the outside edge is a small circular indentation in between 2 of the raised treads. The inner sole will have the word Converse printed in sharp, bold letters.

The Pinstripe – Painted on the top edge of the sole and around the side...will be absolutely smooth, even width, and perfect. If it is shaky or uneven, it's a red flag.

Overall Quality – Authentic Converse sneakers are very well made. The materials and construction are always high quality. Seams, stitching, threads, eyelets, laces, soles, and logos are all clean, sharp and well-executed. If there are any mistakes, think twice.

The Box – The box is high quality and printed with clarity. There will also be a Converse tag on the shoes. A sloppy box or the absence of a tag is suspicious.
Now that you know how to spot fake Converse, you can't be tricked, and will always be sure you have purchased authentic All Stars.